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About Us

Welcome To Mauli Metal

Mauli Group of Industries Has progressed well and today its product range include i.e.Non-ferrous metal Alloys basically Aluminium Alloys, Pressure die castings,Gravity die castings, fully Automized Machining center and tool room for dies.

Our Strengths-

    Technical & Manufacturing capabilities according to Quality Process & Functional Requirements

    Well verse in International business expectations with strong Global network

    We have achieved so many Appreciation awards.

    Develop suppliers as business partners and work on along term basis as a team.

    The Mauli Group of Industries Chandrasheel CastingsPvt.Ltd.             

    Mauli Cast Tech Pvt.Ltd. Hitech Electrodes Grouped under one umbrella.

    The name for the group company ‘Mauli Group of Industries’ is coined from the words ‘Aluminium Based Alloys ’ and ‘Pressure Die Castings components and fully atomized machining centre ’. Mauli Group of Industries is a conglomerate that reflects a group of companies coming to get her to form a large, trusted and respectable entity with the vision and passion togo with it.

    The largest integrated Aluminium based Alloys and Die-castings manufacturing Group offering end-to- end solutions across the entire value chain and delivering best-in- class Die castings & mainly Pressure Die castings to our customers at the most optimal costs. A system which enhances productivity with minimum utilization of resources like machines,space and man-power &Natural Resources.

   Mauli Metal Industries Pvt.Ltd group currently leads the Indian market in manufacturing Two wheeler and Three Wheeler Auto Gear Blank.

    Expanding our opportunity matrix, we consolidated the efforts of the past few years to gear up to tap new sectors of progress. ‘Fewer,Bigger and Bolder’ was the mantra on which we mapped our future growth philosophy to stay one step ahead, every step of the way

    Evolution in to a multi furious business conglomerate that assimilates latest technology input form its global partners through numerous joint ventures.

    Mauli Metal Industries Pvt.Ltd believes that the customer is always right and thus descries to be served the best

    Our quotient for consistency and customer satisfaction has always been high.

    Success-wave of in house R& D and latest technology inputs from our global partners

   Mauli Metal Industries Pvt.Ltd turnover of INR400CR+with an average growth of  50% over decade.


Quality Policy:

       Manufacturing principles of Mauli Group of Industries:

       Mauli Group of Industries Quality Management System is AN ISO 9001:2008 Certified.

We at Mauli Metal Group of Industries strongly believe on continual quality improvement through employee involvement to achieve total customer satisfaction at competitive cost and timely delivery. 

Quality Objective:

     1) Reduction in internal nonconformity.

     2) Zero customer return.

     3) To achieve 100% dispatch compliance.

     4) To improve machine up time.

     5) To maintain clean and tidy work place.

Mauli Group Of Industries is committed to consistently deliver quality products and services. To be a successful manufacturer,delivering a quality product consistently, efficiently andon-time is all that is required. While this all seems rather simple, it takes dedication to develop, refine, and maintain the necessary processes to make it happen. MAULI GROUP OF INDUSTRIES has all of the processes in place, encapsulated in our quality management system.

Quality is a journey, excellence is the ultimate goal.

Our processes ensure customer satisfaction; these processes include but are not limited to:

•     Continual Improvement

•     Corrective Action

•     Control of Non-conforming Product

•     Internal Audits

•     Lot traceability


      To be a INR 700 Crores Nationally diversified  

   Business in the Automobile and Non-Ferrous Metal Based Industry in 2020.

  Core Business will continue to be Non-Ferrous Metal Based Alloys and Auto- Components manufacturing.

    Nationwide operations will thrust our Business flourish in this dynamic Economy.

Mauli Group of Industries Corporate vision is to be a”WORLD CLASS NON-FERROUS ALLOYS AND DIE CASTING COMPANY” for serving DOMESTIC and EXPORT to meet their requirement in terms of Quality, Cost and Timely Delivery.



     Be a Competent National OEM and Raw material Supplier and deliver value to the Customer by being supplier of first choice

•   By Achieving Operational Excellence

•   Being a leader of lowest cost manufacturing

•   Maintain Credibility gained in this industry throughout decade.

Core Values

       Integrity, Self-Improvement, Idealism, Courage,

    Honesty, Unselfishness and Self – Discipline.

    Ownership and Accountability

       Encourage Entrepreneurship

       Customer Service: Our customer service representative is a vital component of our pledge to provide quality products and service.Well-oriented with Mauli Metal Group, Customer service is always available to take your calls, assess your problem, and then promptly direct you to the appropriate member of our staff. Customer service is ready to assist you with any questions or concerns regarding your business with Mauli Group of Industries.